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The Quick Interview for Kids (QIK)

                        Young people with drug use problems are often focused on the negative and may use their drug use as a means of ehnahcing image and reputation.  The following questionnaire aims to refocus on positive elements which may compete with drug use behaviour. 

                        It may be possible to add a fith question, "where do you think your drug use fits into (doing the exception)". However, this may subvert the process by bring in a negative influence or alerting the young person that you may be tricking them into reducing their drug use.  It may be that if they don't know it's good for them, maybe they'll do it...

Question 1:     Think about the best person (student, brother/sister, friend, worker, etc.) you could be – the ideal you. Make sure it is possible and give that person 100 points. Now tell me how many points you would give yourself.


Question 2:     On a scale of 1 to 10, now rate how much you like (or how satisfied you are with) your rating on the previous 1 to 100 scale.


Question 3:    When you move from ’60 to 70’ (or ’85 to 90’, etc.) what will be different which will tell you that things have changed? … Have you been at ‘70’ (or ‘90’, or …) before, and if so what was happening then? … What is the highest you have ever been on the scale? When – what was going on then?


Question 4:     What are the chances that you could … (do the exception) … again (or now)?

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