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Drug Management
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Drug Management

Resource Development

Manuals,  education booklets, pamphlets, PowerPoint presentations

Education, Training & Facilitation

Professional drug education - introductory & advanced

On-site and off-site workplace learning & development

General facilitation of workplace issues including conflict resolution. 

Speciality areas include family and couples intervention, statutory interventions (child protection & justice), motivational interviewing, assessment, supervisory and management practices.

Counselling Services

Individual 1:1, Couples and Families

Group Work

Development of Collective Wisdom, parent self-help groups

Organisational Development

Capacity building to improve agency's drug management ability

Organisational analysis (needs analysis, SWOT, mapping)

Action learning development

Community Development

Strategies to build community capacity to manage drug use issues. 

Use of appreciative inquiry, action learning and solution focused approaches to achieve outcomes.

Evaluation Service

Research and evaluation including qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Focus groups and development of data bases for on-going review.

  Specialises in the development of goalmap functional profiles.

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General Services

Education & Training

Training for general counselling, group work, family work, community development.  

Speciality models of intervention include: Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Action Learning, Systems Approaches. 

All aspects of management and supervision catered for.


General counselling for individuals, couples & families


Life management and motivational coaching

Organisational Development

Whole of organisation development

Performance Management, Quality Assurance, Systems Tune-Up to Manor Overhaul

Small agency to Statewide and national organisations catered for

Community Development

Facilitation of welfare initiatives into local, Statewide and national community involvement and action. 

May include the development of self-help groups.

Web Development

All aspects of web development including development of project management websites.

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Fee Structure
Our competitive fee structure is backed by a money-back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with our service.

Workshop rates are A$600 for a full day or A$400 for a half day
(US$ = $300 & $200 respectively)
bullet Organisational development work and resource development by negotiation.

Hourly rates for most work is A$50 per hour
(US$ = $25 per hour)

Contact Details

Jon Rose
(08) 9384 5801 (061 8 9384 5801 Outside Australia)
Mobile 040 5570912
E-mail: jon@jonrose.info 

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